Late game save Pokemon Ultra Moon

Hii, I’ve just discovered out how to trade between two accounts playing citra on my network… and I want to start a new game and get some pokemon that I can’t get until late game (like glaceon, misdreavus, emolga, what is kinda sad that I can only get they after become a champion)

If someone have a late game (after becoming a champion) save to upload for me I would be glad, so I can catch some pokemon and trade to my new game play :slight_smile: thanks

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in the DS games u could take the save file from 1 game (like heartgold) change its name and use it for another (like soulsilver) i am not sure if that will work in citra, tho doing that results in having key items u should not and not having a few that u should. that is a few min’s work to edit in PKHeX.
if u do try it do tell me if it works.

I think you can get Glaceon before beat Elite 4, the last cave before battle with Elite 4 is a ice cave, some local have the rock you need to evolve you Eevee to Glaceon, if your Eevee not is any evolution now, of course, but, that is my save game, i’ve stoped little after beat Elite 4, feel free to use this for help you, but I think you can just edit a Pokémon in PKHex, only look if this is in correct capture local, level, moves, etc… Or you can use PKHex for copy a Pokémon from a save to another, just open two PKHex with differents save opened, and transfer just dragging the Pokémons, I think you know how to replace a save game, but if not, just open your Citra and Right click on the game, and “open data save location”, remember to backup your current save

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PKHex? Don’t know what it is. But thanks for ur save :slight_smile:

PKHex is a tool for you edit Pokémon save games, from gen 1 to 7, I believe have no problem link this for you, here you can download PKHex, the tool have a lot of freatures, you can get mistery gift’s Pokémon! Are very intuitive, but if you have any question, I’m not a expecialist in PKHex, but I know a little, PM me or just search in google :slight_smile:

i accidently deleted my save my game dosent load :sweat_smile:i was the champion and my pokedex was complete.can someone link me an empty ultra moon save :no_mouth:i really need it​:joy:

you can just go to your recycle bin

Can You Save In Game