Launching Pokemon Silver and Red on Mac OS X

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When I try to Play Pokemon Red or Silver, I get this screen.
On the other games like S/M, US/UM, it works fine for me and also runs smoothly with no problem.
It’s the Virtual Console for Mac OS X that doesn’t work and I also have the latest version of the emu and the software version.

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change the region of citra


or us or other …

edit or just click on the screen ?

i did that already
all i got is

with audio
also tried .cia and .3ds

Please post the log.

citra_log.txt (120.6 KB)
not sure if it is this

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

I don’t see anything in the log that is the cause of it. If you are still able to hear audio, try disabling Enable Hardware Shader in the Graphics tab.

already had that off

you started a recent update: "Frontend citra_qt / updater / updater.cpp: SilentlyUpdate: 289: Launching silent update … ?

its auto-update and now my audio is complete broken on every game lol

I think you are good at uninstalling install citra :smiley: wait where do you see the auto update?

in Preferences on Mac OS X

yes lol I will disable them for Citra already that it is an open source project, but free to do the maj regularly using the installer for Mac every time sorry I’m on windows but it comes from your auto update: x

The silent update part means that Citra will check and install updates when it is closed. OP has that option enabled.

@Magic_T How did you dump the game?

using someone’s files online
but everything worked fine tho

Piracy is not supported here.

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so im unable to play Pokemon Red/Sliver on Citra atm on Mac OS X?

We can’t help you unless you dump them from a real 3DS.