Legend of Dark Witch 3 stuck on black screen

After showing the developer logos, the game goes to a black screen and gets stuck there.

I have tested on a Windows 10 desktop, a Windows 11 laptop, and a Steam Deck. It only happens on the Steam Deck.

All systems have latest Citra Nightly installed.

System Information

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (19.3 KB)

Update: I have now tested it on my Android phone and can confirm the game works perfectly fine there too.

It seems the only device I have with this issue is my Steam Deck.

I don’t know if it’s an issue with my configuration or with the Linux version of Citra, since my Steam Deck is the only Linux device I own.

Update: My brother tested it on Ubuntu 22.04.1 with Citra Nightly 1840 and got the same issue.
CPU: Intel i5-7200U
GPU: Integrated Graphics

He didn’t change any of the settings from their defaults, so likely not an issue with the configuration.

Here’s the log from him running it.

citra_log.txt (17.9 KB)

Could you also upload a log file using the latest Citra Canary or Nightly .apk for Android (latest versions have settings logging, playstore one doesn’t).

citra_log.txt (185.4 KB)