Linking 3ds with Citra to emulate Touch screen?

Hi. I dont know if it`s possible to make this idea into a real thing, but I have a suggestion. I was playing Yo-Kai Watch, an RPG that makes use of the touch screen a lot. now, the game lets you use the buttons and the circle pad natively as substitutes to the touch screen, but It is faaaar off ideal. Also, using a mouse doesnt really work that well, because, i mean, come on… who likes to draw circles with a mouse? Anyway, my Idea is some sort of link between 3ds and Citra. You could connect the 3ds to your pc via a Homebrew app and then use the touch screen on your 3ds as the Citra Touch screen. Now, there are two possible variants.
1: just transmit the inputs on the touch screen to the pc, or
2: stream the picture from the Pc to the 3ds so you can see more precisely what you are tapping.
I am by no means a developer and would not be able to make an app like this in 100 years, but I think the idea could work (potentially).
I think this app would be very useful, as not many people who regularly play 3ds games on citra have a touch pad to connect to the pc.
If anyone wants to try it/has already made an app like this, please let me know. (I am available on discord as Pudding#5880)
Thats all. Thank you for reading.

Take this with a big grain of salt, as its been a long time since I’ve heard a dev mention this:
The 3DS cannot be connected to a PC via wire and transmit that kind of data. Meaning that it would have to be done wirelessly. The problem with that is that the 3DS uses a different networking solution than your standard operating systems do. If this is even possible, transmiting this type of data would come with a lot of input lag, making the endeavour rather pointless.

You’d have better luck using a smartphone for this type thing instead. Which should be possible afaik.