Linking Inazuma eleven go

I’m trying to link IEGO Shadow and IEGO Light with two citras open, but at the time I click to host it appears conection lost, how can I do this by citra or will I need 2 3ds?

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  • Game: Inazuma Eleven Go Light
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try portable mode, but before, backup those files to avoid data lose
follow this: (ignore the last sentence)

now, on your portable citra, go to Emulation > Configure > System and change the username and your Console ID. this may break some saves, but only for your citra portable, this doesn’t change any of your citra default files.

now create a room with your local citra, Multiplayer > Create Room, give it whatever name, and whatever Username, and on the left side of the Host Room buttom it would be nice of you to change to unlisted so no one tries to connect to it. click on Host Room.

on your portable citra, go to Multiplayer > Direct Connect to Room and put your ipv4 address,
to find that open a prompt command and run: ipconfig /all
look for IPv4 Address (e.g: IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : is your ipv4, i’m not sure but may also work.

now you should be able to see your two citra users on the multiplayer chat room.

just as a side note, the citra on this screenshot is not any of the latest canary builds, if anyone notes anything different, that’s why.


or u can link with someone else, i am playing light myself, and don’t look forward to having to buy shadow and play it to endgame too lol.


i am following the above instructions,
i have got both games in same room,
i am trying to link but it is just showing loading(connecting) when i try to link the 2 games.
why is that happening?

how do I get it to work?

IEGO linking shadow and light may only work for specific features, and there are many, street pass for instance won’t work.
post which feature you are trying to use and your log (both of them)

I am trying secret linking,
both light and shadow files have Eternal Light/Ancient dark beaten, I am trying to unlock zero.
how do I get the log?

try to secret link, when it fails close citra and go to:

and upload the citra_log file in there.

also, upload your portable citra, citra folder > user > log > citra_log.

rather than fail it is stuck at connecting…
citra_log.txt (203.3 KB)

and I am using canary and nightly.
so both are running off the same folder.
so no clue how to get “portable Citra log”

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

so both are running off the same folder

what do you mean by that?
did you follow this:

you need one folder for each citra instance, one of which should be in portable mode, as described in the link above.

for instance, one citra folder gets it’s data from default:

and my portable citra gets from (like in the screenshot bellow) canary-mingw - Portable\user

citra_log.txt (154.8 KB)
citra_log.txt (168.8 KB)

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

did you regenerated console id’s, Emulation > Configure > System > Console ID: Regenerate?
if so, it appears that functionality for linking IEGO is unimplemented.

you could submit your issue with those details (method used to connect, pc specs, citra version, and both logs) on:

i did not,
trying with regenerated ids now,
but does not look like it is working.

btw, latest citra canary implemented some additional network capabilities, you could try that:

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as linking is not working
i thought of something,
linking most likely changes the save file,
sp if we know the hex offset prelinking and post linking we should be able to unlock content even if citra can’t link,
it worked when i unlocked fantasy life DLC a while back,
now just 1 problem,
can someone tell us what the offset and changed values are?

Search (or ask) on gbatemp.

i can link it to u when u want

Somebody can tell if this worked?
I wanna play IE GO Light if my friend, but i don’t know how do that