Loading Save States on Citra nightly 300

Dear Citra-Community

I am playing Mario & Luigi Superstar Sage for the 3DS on Citra right now and I am experiencing the already known bug (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Credits Crash) and also know how to bypass it. I just need to use Citra nightly 300. However when I download and open Citra 300 and cannot find any option to load a save state. How can I load my save state file in this old version of citra? I hope it is possible to load the save sate since I am at the very end of the game and starting the game all over again would be a huge time loss.

Kind regards

You shouldn’t be using save states as your main save method to begin with. You should be using in-game save files. Save states are also incompatible with other Citra versions than the one they were saved on, meaning that even if Nightly 300 supported save states, it wouldn’t work anyways.

Go back to your regular Citra version, save your game in-game, then launch nightly 300. Since they use the same user folders, it should load up your regular save file without issues.