Long load times (Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo)

Hi I have a problem when I launch citraqt this error message appears .citraQT

Edit : I solved the problem and I launched citraqt it worked the loadings are much shorter thank you again ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you guys so much! Had the exact same problem with welcome amiibo but 1422 works perfectly!! Thanks for doing the hard work of finding the right version!

I found the actual problem and it’s fully working on latest builds of Citra. It turns out that all you have to do is turn off New 3DS mode on the System Configuration.

Is the performance identical with Nightly 1422?

Yep it is the same as 1422

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Sorry if I’m out of topic, but may I ask how do you import your new leaf town to the welcome amiibo town? since I saw both game in your screenshot, I’m assuming you did it. I’m sorry if I’m wrong.

Yeah I did transfer my town over from new leaf to welcome amiibo. I think I just opened welcome amiibo in Citra and then selected import town? I think it just automatically detected it and I don’t think I had to do anything extra.

my welcome amiibo game actually detect my town, but it says “data from your town could not be imported to the sd card.” “importing this data requires that the SD Card is properly inserted in the system.” “Please turn off your system, and try again after reinserting the SD Card properly.” it’s okay if you don’t know the answer, it’s just frustrating that my issue page ( Importing Town: Animal Crossing New Leaf to ACNL Welcome Amiibo ) doesn’t really give me a solution.

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Hello! Pls help. Can anyone pls tell me the step by step to download 1422?? Im having troubles and im not a programmer i dont understand… I cant find steps on how to dl 1422… Pls help i also wanna play

This issue should have been fixed on the latest version of Citra: