Lost my qt-config.ini and can't create public room

Issue: I’ve deleted my qt-conig.ini file and now it doesnt come back no matter what games i play

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So. I’ve wanted to create a room, but no matter what token i’ve put and no matter how many times i’ve refreshed for a new token, it just didn’t let me. I’ve looked for an already solved topic and I’ve found one that said i have to delete my qt-config.ini file in order to do so while citra is closed. I did the said things but it still didn’t help; after more looking through some topics i’ve found another one that says if my qt-config.ini file said some things i need to change that to other things, but now, no matter what games i play, even if i do save, the file just won’t come back and i still cant make a public room.

System Information

  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Canary #764

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This citra build is outdated, download the latest available. also try running citra as admin if the issue persists.

You can’t create a public room with a version that old. It will lead to network version rejection from the server side.