LOW FPS on Citra for Android

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I was trying to run Citra on Android so i startet Pokemon Ultra Moon but iam only getting 5-6 FPS

System Information

  • Operating System: Android 9
  • CPU: Helio P70
  • GPU: xxxxx
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): 3608cb90b
  • Game: Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

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Currently Citra Android runs “well” on Snapdragon devices. MediaTek runs the worst, it’s worse than Exynos which also run Citra pretty slow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

is there some way to get min 30 fps i mean i got an octa Core cpu its shouldnt be like this and citra is the only working 3ds emulator i found

Most 3DS games only use 1 core and to my knowledge, only Qualcomm has good drivers for gaming on their Snapdragon SoCs.

Perhaps add a “Frame Skip” function will turbo the emulator.
But it will make the games become intermittent, because 80% of the frames in each second are discarded. (I’m not familiar with emulator’s performance optimization.)

update: I found this related post:When will Frameskipping be a thing?

I have a 2.0 GHz Snapdragon 675 Octa-core and it still doesnt run good tho

What game are you trying to run? Some games are difficult to run even on PC like Luigi’s Mansion 2.

Its not about the number of cores, its about the drivers. Aside from that, Helio P70 is not that powerful, so even if there is a chance that it will run in your phone, you might not be able to play.

I was talking about the 3DS itself only using 1 core for most games :stuck_out_tongue: the other user thought their 8-core phone would be “fast” for Citra simply by having more cores than the 3DS but that is not how it works.

I’m sorry, I was replying to the Topic Starter, maybe I tap the wrong reply button. He said that his phone has Octacore and should not be like that. Some users thought that having an Octacore processor will perform same as other Octacore high-end processors.

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