Low fps pkmn super mystery dungeon

i have a pretty decent PC, and citra only strains 30% of my cpu usage when playing super mystery dungeon, but my in game speed hovers 70%. I tried lowering resolutions, disabled vsync, limited framerate, you name it; nothing works. Help?

Citra use only 1 core of your cpu. If 1 core can deliver only 30% of total cpu power, this might occur. You should wait until multi-core is implemented.

By “decent PC”, what are your exact specs? I have a Core i3-6100, and I can get 100% speed everywhere in PSMD, except Sahra Town.

Is multi core usage implementation in the works?

That wouldn’t help anything. The 3DS also uses 1 core for games. One dev tried to do multithreading in Citra, but it ultimately failed, because games ran slower than the latest Nightly build.

I mean, I bought it as a budget gaming PC 4 years ago, the specs are:
Cpu: amd a8-7650k
Ram: 8gb
Gpu: amd to 360 series

AMD CPUs aren’t great for emulation. It only scores 1451 on this graph, while Citra needs at least 1800.

Well that’s a bummer. I do have another PC in my other parents house which is way more powerful. Anyhow, I’ve activated high performance mode in this one and the fps have cranked up to about mid 20s with occasional peaks and slumps, but it’s much better now overall. Thanks for the info anyway.