Luigis Mansion 2 flash on ghost crash issue:

Works perfect, but the sound is broken. I need a fix for that. :sob:

really? make a video…

any solutions??? this game is pissing me off, no one is doing anything to fix it. i mean old version of citra can bypass the ghost crash but fps and audio are bad, however new version is perfect in fps and audio but only this ghost crash is the problem…

can u email me the triple hack [email protected] ty

Yes, that Citra Triple Hack works with me, we can catch the ghost but the oudio is so bad


maybe the audio fix is causing this crash since the audio is bad in triple hack and we can bypass the ghost crash. so when we flash the ghost the audio is causing the crash, that is what i think.
also plz can u provide download link for the triple hack in your video thx

Nope, it’s not the audio. I reverted the change( ) when it got fixed for testing but still happens:

I might look more into it by seeing what changes were made:


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