Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Current State

This game has definitely seen improvement over time, and with the new audio functionalities, this game now finally plays proper audio instead of constant loud noise. The performance of the game has also seen improvement after the first build of Citra that actually played audio correctly in this game.

However, the game is still suffering some issues. A crash in this game, which was discovered on an older build of Citra, still exists in the newest version according to my own testing. Here’s the GitHub Issue, which includes a video recorded on an older version of Citra (the crash still occurs in the exact same manner when tested on the newest build):
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Crash

There also seems to be two more open issues regarding this game, which can be found in the game’s Wiki page. I personally can’t understand them very well but is there any chance these might be related to the game-breaking slowdown (about 20-30FPS max except for loading screens) and the crash which prevents the game being progressed from a new save file? Here are the two issues.
Support 32x32 blocked framebuffers
MH Diary doesn’t ouput to higher resolution

If you’re knowledgeable in Citra’s coding, I’d love to hear what you know about these existing problems in this game. I’m sure a lot of people would love to see this title become fully playable and the fixes would benefit other games as well.

When I tested this game on an older version of citra, this problem didn’t exist while some other crashes happened. But the latest version has this problem on the same computer so it seems to be a coding problem. So you could find the solution from the older versions

On older versions of Citra this game runs at 5-10FPS with no proper audio output.

But there is no crash when capture a ghost

yeah I get that point, but I’m saying it’s just completely unplayable on older versions.