Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Personally, I think this is the best game on the 3DS platform along with NSMB2 and MK7. You can disagree, but I don’t think you can deny that this is very good game.

Sadly, this game isn’t getting much attention and poorly compatible with Citra, but I tested it out anyway.

On average, the game runs at around 6FPS, making a 5 minutes in-game time gameplay 54 minutes of actual time. The game experiences audio issues so severe that it is better to play without audio. The game crashes when a ghost is stunned, making it impossible to complete any mission and therefore impossible to make progress.

Most of the video was accelerated to x10 of the original speed. The real time is indicated by WSplit (a timer) on the right.

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I totally agree. Luigi’s Mansion 2 is one of the best and unique titles for 3ds in my opinion.

I am not a developer (only program as some hobby but had no time up to now to take a look at the citra code) but I strongly hope that the game will improve after Metroid: Samus Returns upscaling is fixed (Metroid: Samus Returns - possible to upscale?) respectively I imagine the issue is the same (related to texture copy).

For me the explanations by @jroweboy in the mentioned thread makes sense. It would be nice if a developer or somebody else could check the issue.

Sorry, but I have to dissapoint you. @jroweboy said that Luigi’s Mansion uses a special case of texture copy and the fix won’t apply for the game.

That’s a real pity. Where he said so? He gave any further information on what is happening in this game in a different way in comparison to others? I am very curious.

I haven’t looked too much into the why yet. In my testing it covered some cases of texture copy and didn’t cover some others. It might be possible to support those, but someone would have to look into it after the rewrite gets merged.

Hey, thanks for your information.

I’d be very glad if you can find out why or find out who can figure out why this issue exists. I’m sure Dark Moon isn’t the only game that has been effected by this issue. Solving the issue with this game might solve many other unanswered questions too.

I’ll keep testing the game on the recent builds to look for improvements.

Apparently someone managed to solve the issues for Luigi’s Mansion. I just saw a video on YouTube (Mod snip: Unofficial builds are not supported) showing Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon in perfect 4k (still audio problems…).

It is said, that the shown video is using a build by (Mod snip: Unofficial builds are not supported). But as far as I see it seems that this user is just adding code from user Phanto-m which I think @jroweboy was referring to in the Metroid: Samus Returns upscaling thread.

So maybe we will be able to see Luigi’s Mansion also in HD in distant future :slight_smile:?

It would be nice to get some update from the developers. I am just curious how things are going and every time I enjoy to read the development blog.

@GDhex12 Oh, I am sorry. I was not noticing that there was a link to an unofficial build within the YouTube video description. I just saw the video without description and was astonished.

That looks really nice. Thanks for the info!
I’m currently out traveling. I’ll test it out for myself as soon as I get back.

It’s now in Canary builds.
Thanks a lot to all the developers :slight_smile: !

And is it also in Citra Nightly ? I have Canary builds that I compiled as well but wonder if it is now in Citra Nightly builds ?

No, it’s only in the latest Canary builds as of right now.

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Hey Guys i figured out how to make it perform better