M&L: DT Android Citra issues

The first one, I was in Dozing Sands on the area of the badge shop and I continued to go to the next area by the path which goes down, but the moment I go, the game closes itself, this happened 3 times until I was able to pass. The second one, is the minigame of Kylie the very moment the tutorial opens, the Fps drops to 4 and maintain on the 4 or 3, which is very slow and it was very boring.

System Information
•Device: Xiaomi redmi note 7
•Operating system: MIUI 11.0 (based on Android 9.0)
•CPU: Snapdragon 660
•GPU: –
•Citra version: 1e9711154
•Game: Mario&Luigi: Dream Team
•Screenshot of Issue: –

Diagnostic log
citra_log.txt (8.5 KB)