M&L Paper Jam crash with Paper Goombas... again

Before anyone says anything, yes, I have checked out the topics on this question and it was not answered.

So hey, I’m ThunderVolt! I’ve got a serious problem with Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam. It’s all one we’ve heard before.

In case you don’t know about it, when one enters the battle with the stacked Paper Goombas, the going-in-battle animation lags, then crashes. The infamous “Citra-qt has stopped working” message shows up and closes Citra. I’ve scoured the web seeing how to stop this, and I eventually came across this article:

However, this article never really answered anything, just noted a conversation between “mods” on how this was a bug currently being fixed. But on the Games Compatibility article on Citra, the game is listed as “Perfect”, despite this gaping bug listed as “Known”. I’ve tried the most recent version (as of today) of Citra but that yielded nothing.

Is this bug still being worked on? I just find it odd that somehow the game’s performance is “Perfect” when this bug prevents progress at all.

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I dug up all my system information Dolphin forum profile, including CPU, GPU, and more. It’s all right here:
My current Citra version is Nightly HEAD-e1bb198
The game is obviously M&L Paper Jam.
Here’s an image:

Here’s the log:

Anything else you need? If you need more than what’s on the Dolphin logs, just shout.

That log is incomplete and from what I’ve read, the developer there couldn’t reproduce this.

Huh? I followed the steps from the link provided. What gives?

Would you want the raw text? Or should I just retry?

Super sorry for double posting.

On a side note, if one of your devs can’t reproduce it, I have OBS and can video the error. Would that be preferable over a screenshot?

That, and a save file might be helpful.

EDIT: I see you’ve already done the save file, nevermind (And thanks for the game database PR!).

Hmm. I do not recall providing a save file. But you did say you have one, so within a few hours I will have one ready to go.

Again with the double post, but I have the video.

Shout if it doesn’t load.

The crash, fully recorded with OBS.

no Paper Goombas aren’t the cause it’s Paper Mario causing lag in battle mode

Hi, can you retry this in the last version of Citra ? For me, this bug is fix, but i also change computer in this time (with less performance). But battle with wheel paper goombas (this battle where you and me crashed) still lags, with 3FPS. Do you use the EU version of the game ?

Course I can. I’ll have another go with the most recent build in a few hours. And no, I use the USA version. Whatever that means.

Never mind, I had enough time to do it now. So with the most recent build of Nightly, the only thing worth noting was that the crash took longer to happen (i.e. Windows didn’t display the prompt to close Citra until much later), but it still crashed nevertheless.

I did also note that the game lags to 6 FPS before crashing, so if the game didn’t crash, I would be able to progress through the battle cutscene.

Today, tried the most recent Nightly too see if anything was resolved. Still no dice.

Is it normal that it always crashes on the same frame? Perhaps it’s the frame that tries to load Paper Mario’s sprite.

yes the problem is Paper Mario

Okay, that seems in order. It also seems like that them more paper enemies that there are on-screen, the more it lags. I do believe that since Paper Mario is such a big character, he causes the game to lag so much it crashes.

Can you guys see if this issue still occurs? Acoording to the issue, it’s been fixed.

Course. Will this require an update of Citra? If so, I need a tutorial of how to do so with the new system format.

EDIT: Never mind. Prompted the update as soon as I got in

@TheKoopaKingdom It still gives me the same error, but I did notice that in this battle, he started it off saying something different than usual. But the error persists. I can do another test run later, if you like.

That would help. If you post a new log here, I can cross post it to the Github issue if you want, and bump it in the IRC channel.