M1 builds are quite good, despite the issues!

So, I made the build as per instructions given and Kirby Triple Deluxe runs fluidly at 60fps at 5x IR (there are some one time framedrops which tank the game to 40fps minimum, but no harmful towards gameplay effects are produced).

I also tried KH3D Dream Drop Distance (a particularly taxing game) and it averaged 20 fps, which is genuinely quite good for a device with trash OpenGL support.

All in all, kudos to the Citra dev team for doing the best they can with how bad OpenGL is on mac and all they could do for ARM chips, since the architecture jump is hard to deal with. I genuinely think that at this point, these builds can be considered for “pre-release” status on git

We kinda don’t want to give people the idea that we support Apple silicon devices in any way at the moment. It’d have the effect of giving people hope on fixes happening in a reasonable amount of time. Which just isn’t the case. We don’t have any dev with one of these devices to test, nor any dev with the interest to make a full port yet. So until that moment comes, we’re not thinking of doing this.

Hopefully this will come in the future at some point, but not at this time.