[MAC ISSUE] Citra-qt won't open

Hi! I have an issue opening Citra-qt app on my 2016 Macbook Air. This is a screenshot of what I get:

I don’t think it’s an issue from an unidentified developer because I have my mac settings set to accept devs from anywhere and I don’t see any popups about that. I had it running before but once I tried re-installing it I receive that error message above.

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you!

Sorry… wrong button.

Try click right button of your mouse and click “OPEN”. It happened to me but it just asked once and after that you can click it regularly without a problem.

phreaky1234 - Today at 5:25 PM
Regarding this issue with not being able to open the citra app on the Mac, my issue was fixed once I changed the archiver to Unarchiver. I think it got extracted differently than with WinZip. Hope that helps anyone else who comes up with similar issues!