Mac: Pokemon Ultra Sun crashing around same time whenever I run

Every time I try to play, citra quits unexpectedly about 15 minutes into the game where I am protecting a pokemon at the bridge and the bridge falls. I have restarted the game multiple times and it always breaks around point in the game.

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my pokemon ultra sun also crashes but it crashes after the proffesor tells rockruff he is busy someone help

I just tried disabling the hardware renderer to see what would happen and the game ran past that cutscene (at <10% speed) then once i passed the cutscene I re-enabled the hardware renderer and the game ran (>80% speed most of the time). I’m thinking now it has something to do with the graphics or openGL? but im not sure how to fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again (I am running openGL 4.1 I believe)

probably the same issue:

post yours tests and results to the thread. (with all of those details)

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