{MacOs} Can't resize window Pokemon Moon

I can’t get the window any bigger than this. it’s this size when it starts and if I resize it, it just moves the 3ds screens out of the window or crops them. I’ve tried resizing, closing and reopening and changing the resolution in settings and I’ve also tried enabling v sync but no luck.
System Information
Operating System: MacOS
Citra Version: 7ef905e
Game: Pokemon Moon

EDIT: This is actually a Citra bug on MacOS. Closing this in favor of that topic because it already has replies.

That’s odd. Can you try:

  • Going to View in the menu bar, and then ticking Single Window Mode to have the game render to the main window.
  • Updating your graphics drivers.

Also, to help determine if this is a driver issue, please post the log, using this guide.