Male Mii's don't have mouths

So the issue is that my male Mii’s don’t have a mouth, there aren’t any problems with the female ones just the males.

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Please try to install our Nightly Build and see if the issue persists.

Download the .apk from Releases · citra-emu/citra-nightly · GitHub.
If you have the Citra Android app from the Google Play Store installed, please uninstall it before installing from our Nightly repo. Your save data will transfer over and if you have paid for Citra Premium, that will transfer over too.

And how do I install Citra Nightly on android? I couln’t find a tutorial on the internet.

Delete your current Citra app, download this .APK file and install it. After launching it, it will ask you to select your user data directory, select your existing citra-emu folder so you keep all of your save files and try your game again.