Map some buttons combination for macro

I wonder if we can map two or more buttons for a key in keyboard. It is useful for Monster Hunter players who don’t like joystick controller like me, but has limited number of keys that can be pressed at once.

For example, I mapped my keyboard as the following:
A button: x key
B button: z key
X button: d key
Y button: c key
L button: a key
R button: s key
then when you need to perform Hunting Art 1 without touchscreen, you must press R+A+X altogether. But you can’t press three nearby button simultaneously on some non gaming laptops. The only way i get through this is, remap my buttons far from the others, but hey, it is not comfortable to play that way.

Now my question is, can we remap multiple keys for a button?
for example:
A button: x key, q key
B button: z key
X button: d key, q key


Citra doesn’t support this functionality currently, you can use a tool like autohotkey to achieve that functionality, ask for help on their forum.

Seems, autohotkey is the only way right now…