Mapping motions to buttons (Feature Request)

It’s already possible to use buttons instead of shaking the controllers, but I would love the opposite. I want a (joy-con) shake to be registered as a button input. I’d be willing to put up a $20 PayPal bounty for whoever can get this into the main Yuzu builds.

The easiest implementation would be just to register any singular shake, with a (perhaps adjustable) threshold so it’s not too sensitive. The left and right joy-con should of course be separately registered. I would be super stoked if someone could add this function.
UI-wise I reckon it could sit in the advanced tab for controls, with a toggle for “enable motion inputs for button mapping”. With that enabled, all it takes is a firm shake from the joy-con while mapping a button.

Bonus functions that would probably be much harder to implement:

  • Differentiate between horizontal and vertical shakes, to double the possible motion inputs.
  • Allow more than two joy-cons to be mapped to a dual joy-con layout. That way it’d become possible to use the leg straps with a third/fourth joy-con and use kicks for even more inputs, lol.

Many thanks for your consideration.

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