Mario and Luigi Dream Team Bros low fps in titans fights

Hi, so i was playing Mario and Luigi Dream Team Bros, and im running all the game with 30 fps but when i did the first giants fight the game was running with 16 fps and it’s hard to win the battle at 50% of the normal game speed. I beat the first giant but i think i will struggle at the 2nd titan if i can’t get my fps back to 30. Can i do anything to improve the framerate?

Wait for future optimizations of Citra or buy a better CPU

is intel i5 4670k enough? (3.4 Ghz) If i overclock it will it be fine?

Yes, you could overclock the CPU for a bit more FPS.

Your CPU is still very powerful in the single core performance side even if it’s not overclocked.

Btw i’ll probably change my cpu in few months and which CPUs are the best for citra?

CPUs that have good single thread performance. But don’t build a PC for Citra as the requirements can change over time.

wait they already fixed the crash when trying start battle giant

the game didn’t crash. Im just having low fps

Citra is still a work in progress, and even on the very best hardware it does not always run at full speed.