Mario and Luigi dream team question

does Mario and Luigi dream team work 100% fine now on the citra emulator at all?

I am getting alot of slowdowns when i try to play mario and luigi dream team on the citra emulator

how come emulators never work 100% for me at all

Upload a log file please: How to Upload the Log File

Also fill in the template that you removed:


I do own the nintendo 3ds device, but i do not know how to dump the games on it at all

its way to hard for me to do

I have 16GB of Ram and i have AMD video card called Radeon RX 590 series

and my computer is windows 10 and i have a Intel Core i7 4790k Cpu 4.00GHZ computer

I seen on youtube that people can run this game 100% fine without any slowdowns or lag at all

i have no idea why i am getting slowdowns for

what settings do i need to use on the citra emulator to stop these slowdowns and laggings on the games i play on it

To dump games, you first need to complete this guide:

After that, you can follow our game dumping guides here:

Make sure you have read and understood the rules, especially the first one:

Because you mentioned you don’t know how to dump your games yet are asking how to fix slowdowns for like Mario & Luigi, you imply you commited piracy which is illegal and against our rules.

I like playing games alot okay, playing games is what i like to do best okay

I love playing mario games alot as well