(Mario kart 7 multiplayer)

Hi, I was wondering if there is supported servers for mario kart 7?

If not, can I get a link to the official citra server list

You can press Multiplayer > Browse Public Game Lobbies and find one yourself.

Thanks Dickhead!
I just asked a question

bro what?? i was literally just trying to help you but if you’re gonna be fucking rude about it don’t post here

What on earth warranted that response?..

They answered your question. Following their steps will open up the multiplayer lobby, which will show you all currently hosted multiplayer rooms. So if anyone has set up a mario kart 7 multiplayer room, you’ll find it there. There’s also an option to filter out all other games that you don’t own. To make it easier to search for the rooms you’re looking for.

There’s no need to be rude when you haven’t even given their advice a try.