Mario Kart 8 crashing on Vulkan GTX970

I’ve been trying to run MK8 with Vulkan on my GTX970 for better FPS now, and I’ve got some interesting results. The game crashes on startup with any Window Adapting Filter options besides AMD FidelityFX, but with it the game crashes mid-play when trying to build cached shaders. All keys and firmware are updated, and I also tried to turn Accelerate ASTC texture decoding on and off, or delete Pipeline Caches, the results are the same everytime. The problems seems worse when I go into fullscreen mode, but that might be just a feeling though. My GPU usage stays under 30% everytime and I’m using the latest NVIDIA drivers.
Does someone knows what might be happening here? Anyone runs MK8 flawlessly with a GTX970?
Attached are crashing logs, one while running Window Adapting Filter on AMD FidelityFX and the other on bilinear.
yuzu_log.AMDFidelityFX.txt (118.2 KB)

yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (114.7 KB)

downgrade your gpu drivers to 472.12 Geforce Driver Results | NVIDIA , delete your shader cache (right click game remove pipeline cache), and disable the mods that serve no purpose on updated game (right click game open mod location delete contents). That should help you a lot. Nvidia screwed over older gpu’s using vulkan on newer drivers. Older driver will treat you better.