Mario maker no online

Hello I am new here so i installed citra and played super mario maker basically everything works fine for me but when i try to play super mario 100x challenge it says that ‘‘the latest version of this software is required in order to use this feature’’ ‘‘please download the latest update for this software from nintendo eShop (The latest update may not be availaible depending on server status)’’
and when i press the Send or Recieve button it says ‘‘streetpass allows you to recieve courses made by nearby makers and send your courses to others. you can also send your in-game profile along with a course. Activate streetpass for this game?’’
And when i press activate streetpass it says activating streetpass and then it shows the same message again! I don’t know what to do as Mario maker is nothing without 100x challenge or online
I am using Citra Head-1df13c9 please help me! Am i even doing something wrong? I got mii maker too please help meh

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

You are likely using an unofficial build which are not supported here. Only builds downloaded from the official website are supported here. Citra does not support connecting to Nintendo’s online services and streetpass feature is currently unimplemented.

This game is currently unplayable with Citra.

The guy in the thread says he bypasses the hang read yourself

Any idea when will citra get an online feature?

What is this spotpass thing? Is it like streetpass? How does this works

That is a hack that no one has fixed properly yet. It relates to finding the correct delay value for extra save data. The hack is like guessing the value for it. Just because it bypasses the hang doesn’t mean it’s a proper fix.

Can’t give ETAs on these things. Connecting to Nintendo’s online service is very complex.

Spotpass is how 3DS users receive content from Nintendo through the internet which involves Nintendo’s online services. Steetpass is how 3DS users swap data with each other while the system is in sleep mode.

This is outdated. It runs fine for my. Flawless, I would say

Me temo que citra no tiene conexiones de nintendo creo que debes buscar un cia del juego en ultima actualizacion