Mario Maker Online

Could I open the online phases of Mario Maker?

This game doesn’t even work in Citra from what I remember.

The game doesn’t work. Even if it works, you can’t play online as there is no actual online support. The online multiplayer mode in Citra just emulates local connect-play.

Mario maker yes works un citra

It works for you? It’s stuck infinitely on loading screen for me.

Unofficial build from GBAtemp ?

I think that is the case. Some games do work on unofficial builds. Mario Maker does.

yes, just wait for the pigeon to finish eating and reset the emulator, you can see the video of Valentin Vanelslande i don’t remember the video… try this [Moderator: Link Removed].

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and sorry for my english

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@valentinvanelslande which branch is he talking abt?

I do not know which build uses!

Huh! But he clearly stated your video… Will talk about this in pm.