Mario Odyssey crashes with Radeon card

Hi, I have a problem with Mario Odyssey on a Radeon R7 260 graphic card. A few seconds after starting, Yuzu closes. Attached log file just in case. Thanks for your time.

yuzu_log.txt.txt (473.9 KB)

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

problem most likely is that your drivers are out of date
and beqause AMD ended support of the R7 series ( and other cards) there is most likely not alot to do about it beqause you can no longer update them

(having up to date drivers are a must ,especially with emulators)

Until 1 month ago I could not play Bowser´s Fury but with some updates of Yuzu now I find it perfectly playable…

Bad news, AMD put those GPUs on legacy drivers on Windows, meaning every time we add new features to yuzu, your GPU starts lagging behind.
I strongly recommend moving to Linux to get up to date driver support from the kernel and mesa, your performance will be higher, and the GPU is not treated like a second class citizen.

mario odyssey is also more heavy on the machine than bowsers fury
but knowing that youre GPU is about the same strength of a HD7850 , its not surprising it will have problems ( both are not that strong to begin with , and using only 2GB vram tops , the memory can be filled in minutes )

sure i agree , for a card from that time was a decent card , but these days , it simply can’t keep up with heavy tasks like emulators ( sure some games will kind of work , but it also will have its problems after playing for a bit)

thanks, i will do it.