Mario versus donkey kong Tipping stars

Is there a work around yet for this game on citra ?.Cause the problem still persists of game freezing ,no fps and music speed glitch .When your mini mario tries to go up a slope .

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I am having this issue also. I was not certain if you prefer new post or replying to an old one since they relate? sorry if I chose wrong

sound keeps playing but FPS goes to “0”

Windows 10 Pro 21H2 (19044.1503)
AMD Ryzen 7 5700G w/Radeon Graphics
Nightly 1748
Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars (ID - 000400000012C800)

log file

We generally prefer new posts to reviving older threads. Information in threads this old might be out of date after all. Still, I can’t access that log file. It says the file has been deleted.

Got it, I made a new post. Sorry about the log there too, I think because I attempted to use the link to be sure it worked but that site deletes it after the first access I think. A bit new to these free public/temp file shares. I think I used a better site this time so it stays longer. Was to large to upload in the post here.