Mary Skelter 2 crashes

Well, after playing for some time (without lags and other inconveniences) game stops working. The related log has lots of “Unmapped read32” errors (I deleted most of them so that the log would upload here). Tried changing page file size to 10000, then 70000 - no improvement. Reinstalled Yuzu, game (just in case), GPU driver, tried with and without updates and DLCs, even combined some earlier versions of Yuzu and the driver - no luck. And so I’m stuck.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500 6-Core Processor
GPU: Radeon RX 580 Series
GPU Driver: Adrenalin 21.10.2
OS: Win 10 (x64)
RAM: 16 gb
Yuzu version: 809
yuzu_log1.txt (403.3 KB)

can you provide the save file of your game to see if we can replicate? Right click game open save location and one of us can give your save a whirl.

Unfortunately, my save files have .sav or .savslot extention, which are inappropriate for uploading. Is there any other way to send files, or simple renaming to “{save file}.txt” is enough?

Renaming should work, or you could also use a service like mediafire.

Ok, I’ll try renaming. So, file with .txt had .sav extention, .log - .saveslot. Hope you comprehend what I write here.
SaveDataBE_0002.log (156 Bytes)
SaveDataBE_0002.txt (2.5 MB)

tyty I’ll try in a bit

errr I believe your saves were corrupt or something?

Bummer. I’ll try from the beginning then.

Same results, even stopped working on the same place. I’ve uploaded my saves on mediafire, so here’s the link.

perfect I was able to load that save. Did you have any area in the game in particular where it triggered it, or was it just time based seemingly?

I guess time is not as relevant. While my first play in chapter 1 I was reading lines in cutscenes, but in others attempts an immediate skip was way faster. But the crashes occur approximately at the beginning of chapter 2 nonetheless, when Otsuu (MC) wakes Jack up, tries to… Idk, hide her measurements?, remembers how she was speaking with other survivors about their future roles in this advanture. In this black and white flashback does my Yuzu crash.

gotchya. I’ll try to replicate it when I can. Will get back to you if I have issue or narrow it down.