Me podrian ayudar a actualizar mis controles de gpu

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I get that there was a video card problem that I can do and if by the gpu controls and if that is how I update it

Let me quote myself.

the rest do not lose me

A partir de ahora, publíquelo solo en inglés. puede usar un traductor si lo desea.

From now on, please post in English only. you can use a translator if you want.

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Operating system: windows10 pro 64 bits intel®
Citra version (found in the title bar): HEAD-3c03da1
Game: pokemon ultra moon

Cual es tu problema, yo te tradusco en ingles si quieres.

You are free to help though I recommend you provide an english translation with your post as well.

Sure, as long as he let’s me know, what the issue is, i’ll translate it to English.

File type Sar An error occured in the video core. Citra has encountered an error while running the video core, please see the log for more details For more information on accesang the log please see the following page: How to upload the Log File Ensure that you have the latest graphics drivers for your GPU. I get that

Can you provide the log? It’s the black command window.

do not leave me how is the icon?

Screenshot the beginning of the black command window. Need to see what it says about your GPU.

Captura de pantalla el comienzo de la ventana de comando negra. Necesita ver lo que dice acerca de su GPU.