Memory Error - Picross e2 - Citra 5137a19

I get an error that pop infinitely when playing a puzzle in Picross e2. This error look like this:
[ 15.771697] HW.Memory core\memory.cpp:Memory::VirtualToPhysicalAddress:700: Unknown virtual address @ 0x08B4176C

This error is visible in the pastebin linked. It pops so often that is if filling my RAM a lot. For only 113 seconds I get 3MB log file.

I also see that Citra is not able to send you the log automatically.

I use the Nightly build 5137a19.

Thank you for your help.
I hope it will be able to help you in your developpement of Citra. :wink:

These log lines are more useful for developers.

If nothing’s broken in-game, you should not worry.

If you want, you can suppress Error levels and lower (As in less severe.) using a log filter (Linking to the GitHub wiki instead of the Citra site because it’s not rendering the bullet list correctly.). Just, if you run into another problem and ask for support, reset the log filter so there’s no important details missing.