Memory leak with Fire Emblem Engage?

I have Linux Pop OS! 22.04 and the memory use of the yuzu is very high, before Fire Emblem Engage I played Fire Emblem Three houses and I never suffered from this issue.

Somehow exist in fact a Memory Leak with this game?
Plus, in Recent versions of yuzu the stuttering is more intense instead old versions, as an example, I’m now using version 2022-06-17 (yuzu 1057) and with this version, the stuttering is near zero.

But at all versions of yuzu, the RAM usage keeps increasing until to machine limit.

Increasing the virtual memory (swap) size can work around the issue.
Anyway, does the developer already know about this issue? and already working on a fix?

yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (2.6 MB)

Yes they are aware of new game issues. It isn’t entirely fair to compare three houses which works better than engage & has been out longer.

Generally always stick to auto cpu accuracy. Unsafe isn’t going to help you much performance wise and will if anything contribute to issues. Nvidia has some issues with yuzu for older gpu’s using newer driver. You may want to try gpu driver 472.12 or 512.95 instead of the latest. Stick to vulkan as well afterwards.

Should be fortunate that yuzu works at all. So many users who try to use cpu that predates the switch by 6+ years do not have good time here.

After trying many kinds of options…
The issue seems to be with OpenGL.

I’m now using Vulkan and the latest build of yuzu (yuzu 1325)
Now the game is running smoothly, anyway I’ll share the screens with enabled options if anyone are suffering from this issue too.

FMA was disabled because my i7 2600 do not support FMA instruction.

Even with an old CPU and ordinary 1050ti the game is running smooth and without RAM leak.

even still stick to auto. They already have it setup in a way that cpu’s lacking the function will be properly handled with auto " ". Unsafe was something we had to use in the past.

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mnmn also I believe some users mentioned some benefit to disabling accelerate astc specifically for this game.

This is it, Open GL have this issue with memory, both GLSL and GLASM.
After 5 hours playing in Vulkan the issue not happen.

The game still running better in older versions of yuzu, but this is subject for another topic…

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