[META] Lounge not showing up?

Hello. I recently gained trust level 3 status (unemptying it), so I checked out what I could do here:
It’s written that I can access a Private Lounge, which should be in the categories section. It just didn’t show up for me. I’m pretty sure I have got Regular status:


Also, I can create a wiki post. (works fine)

Can anyone look into the matter? Especially @moderators? Thanks in advance.

:thinking: you’re the only user in trust level 3, so even if it existed, that “lounge” would be pretty lonely. I wasn’t even aware the promotion was automatic.

The lounge is not enabled on our instance of Discourse.
That is only for their website specifically.

Oh ok.

I seriously wonder how is that even possible, given Citra Community is quite old.

You aren’t alone. If I hadn’t stumbled across that page & seen the requirements, I doubt anyone can achieve those by accident. Now aiming for Aficionado.