Metal Gear Solid 3 HD mod


METAL GEAR SOLID 3D HD Edition Texture Pack
By jimlafleur

V 1.0 - Virtuous Mission

This is a HD texture pack for the 3DS version of Metal Gear Solid 3. This project will be released incrementally, as retexturing the entire game is a vast undertaking for one person and will take time. This pack is designed for compatibility with Citra 3DS Emulator. There are currently no plans for PS2/PS3 version. This pack was optimized with 4k resolutions in mind; however, they should still scale well with lower screen resolutions. Keep in mind that the increased texture size may affect preference on lower-end PC hardware.


-Give MGS3D a more realistic feel.

-Latest Citra 3DS Emulator

Version 1.0 focuses primarily on the environmental textures seen in the Virtuous Mission section of the game, with a few texture updates to the fauna in those areas as well.

1.0  Areas:
- Dremuchij South
- Dremuchij Swampland
- Dremuchij North
- Dolinovodno
- Rassvet
- Dolinovodno riverbank

The next release is planned to focus around the Cave areas.

No characters are included in 1.0. Character skins are not yet finished. Eventually, all characters will get a reskin.

It is still undecided whether or not this project will include upscaled fonts or UI elements. If someone wants to work on the UI and merge it with this project, that would be great.

Draw Distance:
I’m also looking for help with increasing the draw distance of the grass/plants. If someone has any insight on how to achieve this please contact me.

While not yet included, many of the weapons have been reskined with high resolution textures pulled from Millenia’s Counterstrike mods. In the event that Millenia gives permissions to use release these textures, they will be included in future updates.




Exporting models/UV maps.

Lead QA

Trikzme Upscaling normal maps.

MilleniaWeapon textures (Release TBD)

The Citra devs without them we wouldn’t be able to play this awesome game.

The community on the “Hackers of Liberty” Discord server for their suggestions and criticisms.

And off course Kojima productions and Konami for this masterpiece.

If I forgot anybody, I am sorry. Please let me know.

If you encounter any bugs, please contact me and let me know so I can fix them.


Hi! So, about grass draw distance:

You can use CTRPF/Gateway codes to edit the draw distance value, but it is a PER-AREA value.

From what I know, each area has a set draw distance for foliage. I believe the area in which you fight The End has the highest draw distance for grass, so that might be a good place to start.

You’ll need to decompress the entire .3ds game file then go through the code and find the value for area foliage rendering.

Leoetlino, the person making the Project Restoration mod for Majora’s Mask 3D is your best bet at getting more info.

Allmost done with rassvet factory, almost time for the first release…

updated first post with download link :smiley:

Just tested your mod on Android, great job and the performance is still great!

That is awesome, kinda surprising with the 4k textures.
What phone did you use ?

A oneplus 7, the game by itself will need a high end phone to even run but your textures don’t seem to affect performance at all

Any new textures upload date