Metal Gear Solid 3 HD mod


this is a HD texture pack in the works for mgs3 only to be used with citra, I’ve been working on this now for about 2 weeks and progress goes fast.
i plan to re texture the whole game with all new textures, i’m not going for the up scaling take but more for a realism overhaul basing it on the few pachislot pictures i could find and mgs5.
there are some problems i have encountered such as vertex lighting/coloring which means i have to keep the textures in the original coloring and darkness of they will have an odd reddish/purple look.


(because i’m a new member i cant show more screenshots for now).


the pack should work with all versions of citra when done, i play in 10x native resolution but also tested it on lower resolutions and it still look good.
eventually i will reskin the characters and weapons aswell, but for now the environment is my main target.
expect the first download when i finish all textures from the virtuous mission which should be in about 2 weeks.
about all textures used are edited pbr textures from various rescources and mgs5/mgs4 textures.
for extra detail i bake the normal maps into the diffuse maps which on some points looks like it really uses normal maps ingame (there characters actually use normal maps).

if there is someones who know how to increase the draw distance on the grass ingame please let me know !!!

tips/ criticism is welcome, there is always place for improvements.

credits to the people from the metal gear discord, jayveer, gronos1, forobscuregaming, eol and all the other helpful people who helped me with texture resources.

Hi! So, about grass draw distance:

You can use CTRPF/Gateway codes to edit the draw distance value, but it is a PER-AREA value.

From what I know, each area has a set draw distance for foliage. I believe the area in which you fight The End has the highest draw distance for grass, so that might be a good place to start.

You’ll need to decompress the entire .3ds game file then go through the code and find the value for area foliage rendering.

Leoetlino, the person making the Project Restoration mod for Majora’s Mask 3D is your best bet at getting more info.

Allmost done with rassvet factory, almost time for the first release…