Metroid: Samus Returns - possible to upscale?

Wait for the progress reports or keep an eye on the project Github to see when the new code is added.

So just keep hitting refresh until it’s merged?

What’s AM2R like compared to Samus Returns? Is AM2R pretty much pixel by pixel accurate to the original or is it a re imagining of it like the 3DS one?

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This sounds very interesting. I am curious is the low resolution in Metroid: Samus Returns (and a possible patch) also related to resulting in low resolutions in the Fire Emblem games and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon?

I tested FE Awakening and Phantom’s code fixed the upscaling and gave a pretty decent speed boost, however IIRC, Luigi’s Mansion is still broken.

Did you build it yourself? I tried pulling and building phanto-m’s build a few days back, but saw no improvements in M:SR.

Man I’d love to even play the game at 100% speed on my PC. 3DS is too damn small!

yes, did you make sure to pull the tex-cache branch?

Somebody might find this useful, so I’m reposting what I mentioned on a reddit thread:

If you’re like me, and you want a quick morphball button, remember that you can use Steam Big Picture mode to remap your controller! Any other xinput remapping system I used seemed to break citra’s SDL. vJoy+UCR for example just broke everything.


I’ve also remapped Start to swap screens automatically, which feels fantastic. You may want to remap the right-stick to mouse, but it felt clumsy to me.

Wow, didn’t realize anyone was working on this. Any updates? After seeing the work on this I can’t stomach playing on my 3DS anymore. I’ll wait for this.

Someone posted on Reddit an unofficial build that lets you upscale it. It’s also quite a bit faster than how it runs on the current latest build. I believe the developers are working on integrating that code into the official build soon.

I came across a fork called coalmine? I’m using that right now. It works well. Not sure if that’s what you are referring to.