Metroid: Samus Returns, stuck due to aiming


I just hit a wall, I can’t make aiming degree required to destroy a block with a super missile. I can aim (using a clock to explain) at 12, 3, 6 and 9, and also any combination of those. However this aim requires you to aim slightly different. As can be seen in this screenshot:

It can also be seen in this video at exactly 34:00

How can I aim like this?

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You need an analog controller to aim with that kind of precision

Thanks for the reply, I have a Switch Pro Controller and Ive managed to get passed it by using controller settings in qt-config with a Bleedingedge Citra build and save it. The reason I didnt continue playing on that is because the fps is kinda horrible. I use a Dirty Citra build from some Chinese website However, when I pasted the controller settings in the Dirty build Config it didnt work. Probably because that build dates back in January. My question is if it is somehow possible to get the build-in controller settings on the dirty build? I use Joy 2 Key right now but I wanna switch the build-in one cuz the aiming is much smoother

we provide support only for official builds, no shady chinese builds or anything and please do not post links to them, switch to an official build if you want support.

Thanks for the reply! And my bad, removed the link

I’m actually having this same problem using an analog controller. Seems like either Citra or my system isn’t picking up on anything but up, down, left, right, and diagonals. Using a wired 360 controller, am I missing a piece of software?

Click on Set Analog Stick for Circle Pad.