Metroid samus returns Stuck in area 5 Due to Cant Aiming a block with 22.5 degrees

Analog Emulation need to be 16 Direction in order to make a 22.5 degrees angle to Destroy a block with super missile to enter Area 6 in games , pls help me !

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are you using a gamepad or a keyboard?
if a gamepad, you have to set your circle pad using the ‘Set Analog Stick’ option.

its a gamepad I use , I did set up the c stick with analog , still only shoot 8 direction , on 3ds I can do 16 direction which is the angle I need to shoot the block

sorry, i meant settings the circle pad:

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still shooting 8 directions , don’t know whats the tricks in 3ds analog stick

the circle pad should be the left analog stick on your controller. when you press ‘Set Analog Stick’ buttom under Circle Pad input options it will ask to press OK and after move your left analog stick horizontally and vertically, so you move your left analog stick left and right than up and down.

i just want to confirm that you are doing that, it can be a bug though.

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oh thanks I set it over , right now am getting thu the area I wanted to now , thanks bro !!

hi there, I’m new here. I’ve also been faced with this issue as well but this solution hasn’t helped me at all. I’ve had to change the analog text as someone mentioned to help my controller to work with the game.

What controller are you using?

It’s not a bug. I had the same problem. The solution was not just to move it up down left and right but to do a whole 360 degree rotation of your stick. After that the aiming works like (or almost like) that on original console.


That worked for me, thx!

I was having the same problem and the given solutions did not help at all until I decided to use the right analog stick as the circle pad. For my surprise it did work out but I had to change it again to the left analog stick as soon as I destroyed that super missile block cause it is almost impossible to play with the right stick :joy:. My gamepad is the logitech f710.

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