MH Double Cross boosted 2x !?

the first time i play MHXX is july. using low end notebook… thats so hard. because i just get 7-9 fps.

and im waiting for 6 month. i try the last update of citra3ds. but it can’t run the game. so i try to download september builds.

compare canary with nightly.
different speed :
canary, july builds… give 12-14 fps. with default settings.
wow… thats good.
so i try nightly, september build, i try very low settings at the same times with canary build.
i got 19-21 fps :o ? wow…

my notebook specification :
Intel celeron N3050
4 Gb RAM
GPU Intel HD Graphics (i dont know the detail)
Windows 10 home single language 64 bit

no glitch, no lag, just slow.
so what do you think ? maybe… the next update will increase performance in intel hd gen ?!

(Sorry, i still learn english language).
no more question. i just share. this is my experience.

the same for me i have to use the 3xspeed cheat to play nice.

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