Mh gen/XX How can i use hunter arts on emulator

Hey. my question is how i can use hunter arts @citra emulator in mh gen/xx. also is there a possiblity to see all ur 3 hunter arts charge bars while fightin?

Customize the panel to be able to see them:

By default you should see 3 Hunter Arts on the touch screen.

To use them you either click on them with the mouse or use a few button combinations:
HA1: R+A+B

Set ZL/ZR Control Type to Type 5 and turn on Circle Pad Pro to be able to use these two buttons for hunter arts.

Hey. Thanks for this. I have another question. Is there a way NOT TO make the arts cast automatically when it’s full? I play on BRAVE and set my arts on slot 3 for ZR to activate. But every time it fills, it casts automatically.

Sounds like you are using an Xbox controller where the triggers aren’t pure buttons anymore like they were on old controllers(like Playstation 1) but are pressure sensitive. Make sure when you bind the ZL & ZR on Citra with the triggers that you push them all the way so they will be registered with a + sign. If there is a - sign that’s why it automatically activates.