MH4U 60fps + hd textures

Hello, i dont know where to find those texture pack, could you help me please ? (iā€™m pretty new here)

You can find it here:

Thank you =)
The game looks so nice with it, great job !
(hope my PC will run it :p)

Only maps that are in MHGU have been done though. If there will be 4U Switch version someday it can be continued, or fall back to AI upscaling or something.

in case anyone wonders, i started the upscaling project of whatever i can find in mh4u, and ill make sure it works together with tywalds delicious texture pack :slight_smile:

here is a little preview, using gigapixel ai. hopefully its not worse than esrgan because i couldnt get that to work:
map+monster upscaled:

brute forced upscaling of armor set with alpha. flawed but still looking great:

1 more

ill be hanging out in the discord

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i should be able to release something soon i hope :slight_smile: (edit: we released the texture pack update for mh4u on discord :smiley: )

havent posted in a while, but V2.1 is out now :slight_smile: right now most maps, effects, ui, monsters, weapons and armors are done, but theres still lot of work for improvement!