[MHGen] DLC - How can it be downloaded?

Well, i’m trying and searching on internet how download Monster Hunter Generations DLCs quests, but i didn’t found anything about this… I hope someone could help me with this.
It is possible? Or Citra doesn’t support DLC? And, if support, how i can download?

Anyway, i’m not a fluent English speaker, so i hope someone could understand :laughing:

Waiting for a reply.

From Capcom’s server in-game on your 3DS. Dump your save afterwards with Checkpoint(the game is saving as extdata) and voila :stuck_out_tongue:

So i need a 3DS to get the DLCs?

Strictly speaking, you need a 3DS to even get the base game.

Citra is legal, we don’t support illegal activities. Dumping your purchased games and system files from your 3DS is legal. Downloading them is not.

Ooh, i got that. Thank you, buddy.

It’s a gray area because the DLC stores into the save file(which is fine to share) so you can create a character on such a save file to get access to it.

But since you have the game already, I assume you dumped it from your or a friend’s 3DS so you can simply just do it yourself.