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I have played quite a lot of mhgen on citra and would like to convert my save file to an mhx one so I can transfer it to mhxx. The problem is when I try to copy my mhgen to an mhx file it says Error: Unable to open extdata:/system. Btw I converted the mhx data manager from a CIA to 3DSX file so I’m only using Citra.

Isn’t that a homebrew application? Also please edit your post so that it fills out the support template.


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I know this is 2 years old, but this is the only post I found about this topic and I would like to provide a solution myself.

Since Citra stores your files in a directory, you don’t need MHX data manager (or MHX either). Follow these steps:

  1. Open the MHGen extdata directory: Open Citra, right click on Monster Hunter Generations, Open Extra Data Location.
  2. Go one directory up.
  3. 0000185B is your MHGen extdata. Make a copy of this directory and rename it to 00001554. If you have already played MHX, 00001554 will already exist; simply make a back-up if you wanna save those characters.
  4. Open up MHXX. If everything was done correctly, after MHXX creates its own extdata you will be prompted to import your character.

Be mindful of any DLC or custom content you downloaded to MHGen, since not everything is compatible. Once you start XX, be certain you can access the equipment screen free of crashes. Possibly test hovering items in your box. Confirm that editing your shout outs does not crash either.

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