Mhxx 1.2 cheat code not use 1.4?

i update mhxx 1.2 → 1.4
1.2 cheat code not use.
Please, anybody help? fix.

[Hunter Arts gauge max v1.2]
00A650C0 E1D02BFE
00A650C4 E1C02BB8
00A650C8 E1520002

[Spirit bar max v1.2]
002E15C8 E3A00001
00309CFC E3A01064

[Affinity 100% v1.2]
008EFFB8 E3A000C8

[All style Hunter Arts slot 3 v1.2]
00AE55BC E3A00003
00AE55C0 E12FFF1E

[Great sword Charge speed faster v1.2]
00BE8DF4 E24F0000
00BE8DF8 EAF991C9
00BE8DFC E92D0002
00BE8E00 E59F1014
00BE8E04 E151000E
00BE8E08 024F0014
00BE8E0C EDD01A07
00BE8E10 E8BD0002
00BE8E14 EAF991C9
00BE8E18 41200000
00BE8E1C 0156EAE4
002FC120 EA23B333
00A4D53C EA066E2E

[(Y+Up)Player Attck multiplier x2 (Y+Down)x1 v1.2]
DD000000 00000840
00BE8CE0 E92D4018
00BE8CE4 E3A04002
00BE8CE8 E1D130BE
00BE8CEC E0030493
00BE8CF0 E3530C7D
00BE8CF4 A3A03C7D
00BE8CF8 E1C130BE
00BE8CFC E3A01000
00BE8D00 E8BD8018
008EE638 EB0BE9A8
D0000000 00000000
DD000000 00000880
00BE8CE4 E3A04001
D0000000 00000000

[(X+Up)Player Defense multiplier x2 (X+Down)x1 v1.2]
DD000000 00000440
00BE8D10 E92D4004
00BE8D14 E3A02002
00BE8D18 E0000290
00BE8D1C E3500C7D
00BE8D20 A3A00C7D
00BE8D24 E18100B5
00BE8D28 E8BD8004
008EF7C0 EB0BE552
D0000000 00000000
DD000000 00000480
00BE8D14 E3A02001
D0000000 00000000

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i bad english. sorry. thank you.

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