Microphone controls


how i can use the microphone or is not implemented yet? :neutral_face:


i don’t think citra has a microphone support yet.


which probably brings the need to add something to bypass the microphone until the microphone can be actually emulated


So i cant do anything about it in fire emblem fates?


Since Citra is alpha software, some things aren’t implemented. The best bet is to either 1) play the game on your 3DS, or 2) load your Citra save on your 3DS, do what you need to, dump the save from your 3DS back to Citra.


But that’s just not fair though I mean I too is having the same problem like for instance when Emma Skye Told me to “Blow away the Dust on some fingerprint” I couldn’t blow away dust at all in The DLC of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy & it’s just not fair that we can’t use mic!


Citra is open source. No one works on Citra full time. Developers work on what they are interested in. It’s not like they don’t care. It’s just that there other features that are being worked on. Right now applets is being closed to being implemented so users who dump their software keyboard can finally input text. Features get implemented over time. Microphone will be implemented eventually.


@Leo121 doesn’t SoundTouch have a built in mic module? It’ll be just linking that module to the mic handler, iiuc?