Mii data without homebrew?

So i need a mii data to boot up 3ds games in citra. I have a 3ds but i dont have homebrew installed because i am using 1.15 and if you can install homebrew you need a copy of a specific game and i dont want to pay money for homebrewing my 3ds. Is there any possibe way to get mii data without using an actual 3ds?

No, it needs to be dumped from a 3DS. Your only homebrew entrypoints are DSiWarehax or hardmod (not sure if 11.5 patched those). Ntrboothax is another one but hasn’t been released yet. These entrypoints mentioned aren’t free. Avoid updating your 3DS if you want to use homebrew. Another free entrypoint like Soundhax might be released later in the 3DS life.