Miitopia : Can't create a mii

Hello everyone,

I’m creating this issue today for a weird thing, when I started Miitopia (version 1.02), on start I have the choice of creating a Mii or Choose, the issue begin when I choose to create a Mii, I have the game make something weird, and I don’t have the choice of creation on the create side.

On the choose side, I have the info where he didn’t detect any Mii on my switch.

Video of demo here : https://youtu.be/4NHq-RgpnCs

Thank in advance

Version of yuzu used : Yuzu EA 1748
GPU : NVIDIA 1070Ti 466.77
CPU : Ryzen 7 3800X

yuzu_log.txt (200.2 KB)

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yes, creation of miis is currently not supported. You would have to do that on your switch and copy the save to your pc.

Understood ! thanks for the tips !

haha sorry for the super late question but, how exactly do you do that?