Miitopia Text Input Broken

I just started playing Miitopia (a surprisingly good game, btw) using a dualshock 3 controller, and I ran into the issue that every time the game prompts me for a text input It’s immediately filled out with “Citra” before I can even see the keyboard pop up. While having literally every character in the game called Citra can be pretty funny, I was wondering If it was a problem with the emulator or the game, and whether it’s because I’m using a controller, or if its a problem with dualshock 3 specifically, or something else entirely.

When Citra tries to Impress Citra with his Citra impression by turning around and shouting “Citra”, it all starts to get a little confusing.

Citra has not yet implemented the keyboard. It will automatically fill in “Citra” to prevent a crash.

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the keyboard popup is a separate application on the 3ds. these separate applications are called “applets” and citra doesn’t support loading applets yet. it is something that is currently in development though (and a developer has managed to get it running) note that citra will not be able to ship the applet for legal reasons, so there is a need for a homebrew software keyboard application :slight_smile:

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