Minecraft Legends but I got 0fps(我的世界传奇,但是我得到了0fps)

CHIENSE:最近想要换个游戏口味,搞到了“我的世界传奇”,我觉得不错,我立即玩了起来,当我开始战役时,右下角的“0fps 帧延迟:nan毫秒”引起了我的注意,游戏画面仿佛冻结了一般,我什么都干不了(游戏版本1.17.50310.0)
ENGLISH:Recently, I wanted to change the taste of the game, and I got “Minecraft Legends”, I thought it was good, I immediately played it, and when I started the campaign, the “0fps frame delay: nan ms” in the bottom right corner caught my attention, and the game screen seemed to freeze, and I couldn’t do anything (game version 1.17.50310.0)

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Stick to playing minecraft games on your nintendo switch. It won’t work well here for long time.